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Here is a list of hardware, software, and settings I use routinely. All these things allow me to get better work done, make my life easier in general ... or are just fun to tinker with.

💻 Hardware

  • MacBook Pro (with a bootcamp Windows partition)
  • iPhone
  • Rapberry Pi 4B -- latest gen can be a very capable NAS (I have it acting as a network Time Machine, Plex server, and Pi-Hole)
  • Unifi Dream Machine
  • Digital Ocean Droplet -- running Ubuntu + Docker

🧩 Dev Setup

⛅️ Self-Hosted

🎒 Other software / services I use all the time

  • Reeder -- RSS reader
  • 1Password -- for 2FA and generated passwords, plus tracking membership numbers and software licenses
  • Parallels -- it can run the Mac's bootcamped Windows partition from within macOS when I don't want to reboot
  • Pixelmator -- image & photo editing
  • VNC
  • Pocket Casts -- the best cross-platform podcast manager
  • Audible
  • Spotify
  • Infuse -- a video player client for Plex, iTunes, any other network protocol with an amazing UI and great filetype compatibility
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