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Oh, hello there. This is my personal portfolio website, though it is rarely updated and mostly serves as the public front-end for various things this server runs.

Tools I use and self-hosted services this domain runs are listed on the Uses page. If you'd like to contact me or find me elsewhere, I have email and so on listed on the Homepage. Or, my resume.

Recent Full-Time Work

  • HitRecord Web
    • HitRecord as a service is a collaboration tool for users, focused on positivity and being a welcoming network. Behind the curtain, it is an Angular web front-end and native mobile clients powered by a Rails API. The web and mobile clients are new, clean, and we take pride in making them as good as they can be.
  • Plink API, Consumer, and Business Portal
    • Plink is a e-commerce and marketing product powered by Node, React SPAs, and server-side React. We were a small team and each responsible for all product engineering aspects (server, API, client, testing, UI).
  • Event Farm
    • EventFarm is an experiential event management platform. I was focused on the front-end Angular and React products, developed an iOS app, and got to work with many great team members during my many years there.

For other side-project or "for fun" work I've published, see the Projects page, or GitHub.

About this website

This site is built with Gatsby, and hosted on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet. I use only very light, privacy-respecting analytics from Fathom, hosted on this domain.

As far as UI goes, this site implements and extends the theme Minimal Blog by LekoArts, with the following customizations:

  • Overridden primary components (header, footer, homepage, post)
  • A few added utility components (such as a graphql optimized image-loader component and root wrapper)
  • New hooks and texts
  • Theme UI overrides (most notably, the site should automatically toggle light or dark mode depending on your device settings, if applicable)
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