About Jeremy

Jeremy Collins

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m a Software Engineer at Event Farm, and previously I was at Act-On. Professionally, I focus on developing attractive, fast, component-based progressive webapps. I also tinker with native mobile app development, and the blending in between (such as React Native). I’ve been doing this a few years now, after teaching myself web development. Previous to this, I worked technical support and wrote domuentation, and it was my undergrad years at college before that.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife and cat (our precious baby). We are fans of reading, watching historical dramas, and wandering the surprisingly walkable neighborhoods of LA.

Recent Completed Work

  • Codable
    • Front-end web developer tools, but in an iOS app (iPhone only for now). Allows resizing of the browser view, JavaScript console access, as well as browsing and modifying the DOM of the current page.
  • Event Farm Homepage
    • The official company website, built as a static HTML site with Angular handling routing in some areas. My goal was to make it load fast without having to sacrifice graphical richness, and it rates highly on most performance and bandwidth usage benchmarks. My day job is working on the Event Farm web, mobile and back-end (requires login to see though)
  • RoomCast
    • A one-pager (with modals) product site, built with AngularJS components for the interactive and animated elements, and optimized for quick performance. Built with webpack.
  • Plus what you may find on my Github account

About this page

This site is built with Jekyll, and hosted on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet.

I realize I could have this site hosted for free on GitHub Pages, but using my Digital Ocean server is also a fun resource to have (for example, I also have it manage MX, dkim and SPF records to forward @jeremycollins.net email around via MailGun)

Want to see the source for the page? See My Public Github Project for it