About Jeremy

Jeremy Collins

Hi, I’m Jeremy. I’m a Software Engineer at Fanbank, and previously I was at Event Farm and Act-On. Professionally, I focus on developing attractive, fast, component-based progressive webapps.

Recent Work

  • Fanbank API, Consumer, and Business Portal
    • I’m currently a full-stack developer for the Fanbank platform, which is a e-commerce and marketing product powered by Node, React SPAs, and server-side React. Fanbank’s consumer product is freely available.
  • Codable
    • Front-end web developer tools, but in an iOS app (iPhone only for now). Allows resizing of the browser view, JavaScript console access, as well as browsing and modifying the DOM of the current page.
  • Event Farm Core Platform
    • I’m was one of the primary authors of the Event Farm Core platform web application front-end, which is built upon Angular (v2+), webpack, typescript, RxJS and NgRX Store. Event Farm is a paid service, however demo accounts and limited free accounts are available.
  • Plus what you may find on my Github account

About this page

This site is built with Jekyll, and hosted on a Digital Ocean Ubuntu droplet. Want to see the source for the page? See My Public Github Project for it